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To invigorate, inspire and enhance the musical skills of our students. We measure success by feedback from participants and return of students for the following year.

Goal achievement strategy involves aggressive word of mouth generation techniques among parents and teachers.

Enrich the musical experience of audiences. We measure audience satisfaction in surveys, correspondence, oral discussions, and by attendance. If our audiences grow concert by concert and year by year, we know we are achieving this objective. Our strategy for growth involves expanding the connection of different ethnic groups within the community.


The Beverly Hills International Music Festival was founded in 2004 to bring the best of classical chamber music to a city generally known for its array of elegant houses, luxury car show rooms, world class retail shops, and renowned restaurants. Since the first Festival that impression of Beverly Hills has changed. Listen to the words of the he music critic of the Santa Monica Observer: “Cherninsky designed the festival to provide an opportunity for young, talented musicians from all across the world to study with some of the world’s most internationally acclaimed artists and teachers to further develop their skills and abilities.” One member of the audience observed: “If given the opportunity to hear Gregory and his students performing, I would be sure to attend concerts at the festival again. Cherninsky’s arrangements are fresh and beautifully blended to expose the rich sounds of each section in the ensemble.” The 10-day festival involves 7 separate concerts each themed to a different classical repertoire.


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